Bison Auction 2016

It’s Bison Auction time! This is Slow Food Denver’s 8th year at the Stock Show. We have purchased about 40 bison over these years. So let’s talk Bison 2016.

The National Gold Trophy Bison Carcass Auction is January 23rd at 10:00 am, the last Saturday of the stock show. Slow Food Denver will again be going to the Stock Show to bid on bison carcasses. The wholesale price of bison has stayed rather flat this year compared to last year, so we imagine that there will not be many changes in the bidding this year. We were a bit surprised how high the prices were last year, so please remember, this is an auction. Depending on the bidders in the audience, the prices could go higher.

  • Depending on the size of the carcass, a share usually weighs between 40-50 pounds
  • Each share will be ABOUT 20% steaks, 30% roasts, and 50% ground meat.
  • You can order a share from either a HEIFER (smaller share) or from a Bull (larger share) or you can say “no preference”
  • Last year’s share costs ranged from $420 and $432 for the two heifers to $542, $625 and $662 for the 3 bulls
  • The price per share depends on the Hanging Weight of the carcass, which we won’t know until the day of the auction
  • Please remember this is an auction and prices could and will likely be higher
  • Slow Food Denver members will save the $10 handling fee per share

We only buy from Colorado ranchers. These are NOT grass-finished animals as we are in the winter stock now and they are getting fed a mix of grains, hay and other special mixes, which varies from rancher to rancher.

We need to sell 8 shares per carcass before we can consider bidding on a carcass. Will be bid on a maximum of 6 carcasses. 

Here is how you order:
1) Email Andy Nowak at – specify either HEIFER, BULL or NO PREFERENCE. Also let him know if you are a Slow Food Denver member.
2) Andy will confirm your order and will request a deposit check for $400. Your share is not reserved until the deposit is received.
3) Andy will send out emails throughout the process to keep you informed. You are welcome to come to the auction, which is 10 am on Jan 23rd. More details will come out closer to the event.
4) The processed meat is usually ready around the first week of February. We will keep you updated on emails. Pickup will be at Andy’s house and final payment will be due then.

If you have any questions, please contact Andy. We will be taking orders until carcasses are sold. Hurry, space is limited!




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