Community Workshops & Panel Talks

Community Workshops and Panel Talks

Through community workshops and panel talks, Slow Food Denver offers many ways to meet like-minded people and build a strong food community.  When a group of people gather together to share ideas and the pleasures of food, new friendships form, creativity blossoms, and the world becomes a healthier, happier place.

Food and Farm Policy

The Slow Food USA Food and Farm Policy Steering Committee brings together diverse stakeholders from our network, and beyond, to advocate at every level of government for policies that will help forge the political, social, environmental, and economic links of a food chain that is good, clean, and fair for all.

Slow Food USA believes in the power of a food chain that is good, clean, and fair for all. It starts with our personal decisions about what food is on our plates and continues by advocating for federal, state, and local public policies that affect every aspect of the food chain, from field and sea to fork.

The magnitude of the failings in our food chain is such that we cannot truly achieve our goals going it alone. Our decades of engagement lead us to the imperative of adding our voice to those of other, like-minded, organizations in  advocating for public food and farm policy that aligns with our beliefs and complements the on-the-ground programs and campaigns of our network.  Learn more here.

At this time, we are not hosting in-person community workshops and panel talks. Tune into Slow Food Live for some online stories, workshops, recipes, practices and more! And stay tuned for updates on new events as they come available.