Local Food Producers and Regional Food Traditions

Fresh Food Access

Our century, which began and has developed under the industrial civilization, invented the machine and then took it as its life model, pushing the Fast Life, and encouraging us to eat fast foods.

The Slow Food movement highlights the significance of supporting local farmers, the importance of food culture worldwide, and the value of gathering around a table to connect with one another around food. 

Slow Food Denver partners with and supports local food producers, restaurants, farmers, and those promoting regional food traditions. Through workshops and events year round, we increase awareness in the community of the important work our partners do, help them raise funds, and organize volunteer days. Our Snail of Approval Network recognizes food businesses in the Denver-metro area with like-minded missions – encouraging good, clean and fair food for all.  

Regional Food Traditions

In August 2021, Slow Food Denver and Ekar Farm partnered for a morning of seed saving.  Joined by members from Spirit of the Sun, we were able to learn seed saving techniques, seed preservation and winnowing techniques as well as hear about the origin and importance of seed saving.  Attendees gained insight about the struggles that seeds currently are undergoing and have gone through in seed history and seed culture. 

Stay tuned for our 2022 Seed Saving Event!

One in three Coloradans lack reliable access to nutritious food.  Disparities in access to healthy food has grown dramatically due to the pandemic — 43 percent of non-white and Latinx individuals struggle to put food on the table, and one in five households in Colorado consider hunger to be a top concern.

In 2020 and 2021 during our harvesting/donating-produce volunteer days, we saw a 39 percent increase in food pantry use. In 2021, we donated over 1,070 pounds of fresh produce along with food relief organizations such as Grow Local Colorado, Metro Caring, SAME Cafe, Denver Urban Gardens, and The Gathering Place. 

We believe that what we eat as a community contributes to a better future for all.