Meet The Team

Nikki Knaddison

My path to Slow Food Denver started through my work as a Spanish teacher. I started cooking with students, discovering a vast universe of culture and meaning that helped bring the language alive for my students. I discovered how much hands-on learning enhanced my lessons and inspired my students to connect with culture through food.

I started as a Lil’ Sprouts Classroom Instructor in 2019 and am continually delighted to see students light up with joy as they experience the transformation of ingredients into dishes, and sharing food into new memories. I love seeing students using their senses, trying new flavors, and learning how capable they are of feeding themselves. The wonder I see in kids as they cook and taste gives me hope in the future of food.
When I am not working at Slow Food Denver, you can find me cooking, gardening, doing yoga, hiking, skiing and spending time with my daughters and husband.