Meet The Team

Sydney Boyce

Growing up in the heartland, an interest in agriculture and food was almost inherent in my upbringing. Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate to experience growing and harvesting crops. I quickly became enamored with food; growing, eating, and cooking it. Time with my family in the kitchen and an obsession with Food Network spiraled into competitive cooking. I witnessed firsthand the power that food had in uniting my community.  

I attended college at Purdue University, where I pursued a degree in Industrial Engineering. During my studies, I was able to explore supply chains and their impact on our communities and environment. Combining my passions for food, my community, and industrial engineering, I began researching food deserts. This sparked my, now, life long dedication to ensuring equitable access to nutrition.
Since moving to Denver in 2020, I have enjoyed exploring all Colorado has to offer and volunteering with several organizations to get to know the community. In my free time, you can find me checking out cookbooks from the library, enjoying the fresh air with my dog, or trying my best to learn a new hobby. I am excited to join Slow Food Denver to have a hand in ensuring equitable access to food and amplifying voices within our community.