Meet The Team

Olga Heifts

Food is fuel. Food is connection. Food is science, and play, and culture, and stories, its understanding, family lore, and social lubricant. Food is present in so much of what matters to me. A girl known to get excited by a stunning head of lettuce, a traveler by upbringing, and a cultural anthropologist by training – I deeply appreciate the magic that is food.

My professional path has included sitting with consumers to understand the role food plays in their day’s flow, and running ideation sessions to expand the product lines of various global brands. During my time working in nonprofits, I’ve supported efforts at the national, regional, and local levels, including helping enhance philanthropist acumen about the sector, while resourcing staff with business-side expertise. As a marketer across a variety of sectors, I’ve played with words to help educate, advance, and position solutions for those who’d be best-served by them. As a coach, I help individuals better attune to their personal compass to daily embody a happier, healthier version of themselves from here.

Supporting community and “slow food” has been a way of life for a long time – ease and comfort, nourishment and vibrance. It’s something I want for everyone. Access matters, quality matters. More gardens, more CSAs, more farmer/producers thriving, more policies that align with realities, more public awareness of what it takes – and what we’d lose. I’m excited to join Slow Food Denver in support.