Meet The Team

Karyn Savory 

Hi there! My name is Karyn Savory and I am a brand connoisseur with an obsession for food. I currently reside here in Denver, though there are many places I could call home as I was lucky to grow up overseas, moving from one country to another, sampling all different cultures and experiences. Through my travels I’ve discovered that food is nourishing in many other ways than simply physiologically. It feeds our social and emotional needs as well.

In pursuit of combining this passion with purpose, I founded Sweet & Savory Designs to help food and beverage companies create top-shelf visual brands that provide joy and nourishment to their communities. Using my knowledge of the human experience, brand design psychology and a love for all things tasty, I collaborate with other passionate food & beverage entrepreneurs to help bring their dream to life.

As a “foodpreneur”, I’ve seen firsthand how the industry is evolving and I feel we have lost our connection with the heart & soul of where our food comes from and have strayed so far from honoring and protecting it’s roots. By joining and supporting Slow Food Denver, I will help raise awareness and invite others to share in this ambition; to inspire change and redefine what it means to nourish ourselves, our community, and this planet we call home.