Meet The Team

Tayler Jones

Communications & Social Media Intern

I am a first-generation 2020 college graduate from Western Colorado University, with a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Sustainability and minor in Anthropology. Farmers motivated me to pursue an education. Whether in urban or rural areas, farmers have always inspired me with their knowledge, servitude, and grit. Having struggled with food insecurity throughout college, I am devoted to fostering connections between producers and consumers. I whole-heartedly believe that everyone has a right to just, sustainable, and nutritious food.

To understand food systems and become a stronger advocate for food security, I have worked in campus gardens, farmers markets, both rural and urban farms, secured funding for cold climate food growing technologies, and championed for food security services and support at my university. In my free time I love to bake, paint, hike, and spend time with my two little brothers.

With Slow Food Denver I am most excited for the opportunity of learning from our community. Working beside people with different perspectives, serving others, and connecting through shared food challenges us all to be stronger advocates for one another. I passionately welcome that challenge and look forward to growing connections within the Denver food scene, providing those impacted by food insecurity with resources, and elevating BIPOC voices. My hope is that sharing the stories of farmers, restaurateurs, urban gardeners, volunteers, and all who support Slow Food’s vision, will build a more unified and empowered local food system.