Meet The Team

Soleil Jacquez

Soleil Jacquez is a mother of three that has been in the Denver area since 2006.  Soleil was born and raised in El Paso, TX and would often travel down to Juarez, MX to spend time with family and friends.  Soleil’s family had several food businesses in Juarez, El Paso, and Denver.  These were small restaurants that were taken care of by the family.  She worked in restaurants for many years until she completed her bachelors of science degree in 2015 in Integrative and Therapeutic Practices.  At that time, Soleil focused on social work and expanding her knowledge of energy medicine.  Through the years Soleil worked alongside non profits in programs focusing on families and healthcare.   She has taught classes for seniors in the elderly community that include nutrition, meditation and movement.  She has also provided holistic treatments to the community including auricular and aromatherapy as well as curanderismo traditions education and methods.  Soleil loves to spend her free time baking and with her family either exploring the outdoors or watching a good movie.