Meet The Team

Jolene Hall

I have been immersed in holistic healthcare for many years and discovered one common thread among the industry that laid the foundation for optimal health, food! Not just any food, but properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods. After studying holistic nutrition and becoming a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2019 I realized that choosing to eat healthy is only half of the equation. I found that without a little guidance, the consumer can get overwhelmed, discouraged and maybe even lost in learning who and where to source healthy food. This naturally led down me down the path to regenerative agriculture and a passion for farm to table food. “Food and farming are an extension of each other and we have lost our connection to both food and farmer, my goal is to help build the bridge again.” In my spare time, you can find me tending to the backyard garden, camping in the high country or browsing weekend farmers markets.