Meet The Team

Hannah Keitel


I found my passion for food at the intersection of my existing interests – health and wellness, environmental sustainability, and social justice. I realized working to build a more just and sustainable food system brought together each of these important issues. Through my studies, travels and personal experiences, I found food to be a gateway to fostering community and connection. Thus began my journey to help change the way people understand and connect to their food.

I have been a part of Slow Food Denver since 2016, engaging as an intern, a volunteer, and an integral member of the team. I have witnessed the joy one can experience through getting their hands dirty in a garden, the power of a unified consumer voice for change, and the beauty of gathering like-minded, passionate individuals around a table to share their visions of a better world through food. Food is central to who I am and what I do. It lights me up to be able to share my passions with those in my community and help shape and lead an organization that so closely aligns with my personal mission. I believe in the importance of coordinated, collaborative work to bring about the change our food system needs and I look forward to continuing to celebrate and spread the joy of good food alongside a strong leadership team, passionate volunteers and like-minded community partners.