Meet The Team

Annie Walsh

Program Director

I moved to Denver from the beaches of San Diego over 10 years ago.  I love how active this city is and the ability to spend most of the year outdoors due to the abundance of sunny days.  In addition to beautiful weather and the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, I appreciate the Denver food community and the importance of supporting local food producers and farmers.  Each summer I participate in a local CSA and enjoy opportunities to volunteer at local farms.  I’ve always loved how food connects human beings through activities and meals shared.  Some of my favorite memories include sitting around a table with close friends and family enjoying the pleasures of food.  It’s a bridgeway to other cultures and an opportunity to ignite all of the senses.  I love to cook and I especially love to eat.  

I have been involved with Slow Food Denver since 2016, starting out as a volunteer and eventually joining the team.  I have supported Slow Food Denver in many ways from volunteering at Slow Food Nations and local events to putting together seed boxes for schools, and eventually running Slow Food Denver’s after-school youth education programs. Kids and food and school all come together.  The benefits of school gardens are endless and I hope to see a majority of schools growing their own gardens.  I’m passionate about teaching kids at an early age the importance of growing and eating real food.  Not only will this improve their health, but it also builds connections among students and demonstrates the importance of creating and sharing.  When children grow up influenced by gardening and nature, they foster a love for the outdoors and a deep respect for the environment.  

When I’m not working at Slow Food Denver you can find me volunteering with Grow Local Colorado, teaching and practicing yoga, traveling, cooking, and enjoying anything and everything outdoors with my two rescue pups.