Seed Saving Event at Ekar Farm

Slow Food Seed Saving Event 

Featuring Chantae Shor and Shannon Francis of Spirit of the Sun

Thank you to everyone who donated and attended our Seed Saving event in early October.  It was a beautiful morning to gain insights about the struggles that seeds currently are undergoing and have gone through in seed history and seed culture.  We were able to hear seed stories, learn seed saving techniques, and seed preservation and winnowing techniques.

About Chantae Shor
Chantae Shor, Author and Illustrator of “Little Bud,” Native Seed Research Colorado’s Project Coordinator, Ekar’s 2021 Harvest Coordinator, second year farmer and chicken owner.
The creek beds of North Carolina raised Chantae. She would spend every daylight hour out in the woods and forests by the flowing creeks hunting for frogs, salan=manders, snakes, bugs, toads, pretty much anything she could get her hands on to discover up close. The garden her mother grew fed both her curiosity in the natural world and her summer hunger after what seemed like endless long days of summer. These sacred childhood memories have continually brought Chantae back to the land.
Now she is here to get your hands into the dirt of our home.
Spirit of the Sun
Spirit of the Sun’s mission is to work in partnership with Native American communities in urban areas and on reservations to boost the resilience of Native people, especially youth and young adults.

Our vision is that the Native youth of today become the next generation of Native leaders, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals who will help guide their communities toward wellness, prosperity, and cultural revitalization.