November Garden To Do’s

What to do in the garden NOW!

Ahhhh, relax…..almost

By now hopefully your garlic has been planted (if not click here; a cover crop has been sown if you are going to do so (keep watering until you get a few inches of growth), and the garden has been put to rest. There is still time to do all of the above, especially with this crazy-beautiful weather, but don’t delay, it will not last long.

Now that you can take a breather from the day to day of gardening and coordinating classroom activities, you might want to peruse the Seed to Table website to see all of the programs we offer – Youth Farmer’s Markets, Garden to Cafeteria, Cooking Classes, School Garden Alliance benefits.

Finally, if your garden is struggling, e.g. growing difficulties, lack of admin support, lack of teacher involvement, lack of parent involvement, please contact Allie. We can brainstorm ways to solve these problems.


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