Meet The Team

Mary Cappelletti

My love and appreciation for food was fostered in my childhood. My chores included weeding the garden, plucking basil leaves from their stems to make fresh pesto, helping in the kitchen, and picking fresh berries from the woods behind our home. My mother’s love language was cooking, and it taught me the power of gathering around food and the power of eating in a nourishing, healthy way. After my childhood in a small West Michigan beach town, I ventured out West to attend the Environmental Studies program at the University of Washington. During my time there, I also partook in two study abroad experiences, one in Ecuador and the other in Tanzania. Throughout this time I was able to volunteer on farms, learn about different food cultures, cook with locals, and conduct a research project on food choices in Bangata, Tanzania. I further expanded this understanding of food systems abroad after graduating when I embarked on a 5 month trip to 10 countries. 

 While in college and traveling, my love for food and my passion for improving our food systems continued to grow. Since moving to Denver about three years ago, I have slowly increased my involvement in the local food community in a couple ways. I started my own small fermentation business, called Intentional Foods, and began working part-time with The Easy Vegan at their local pop-up kitchen and farmers market booth. Through these avenues I have become very involved in the Denver farmers market community and built relationships with many local producers. I also became aware of organizations such as Slow Food and started looking for ways to get more personally involved in improving our local food systems and slowing down these systems to promote more intentional, sustainable consumption. I’m excited to be joining this team and helping with such important issues here in Denver. 

When I’m not working for Slow Foods, I am fermenting for my small business, cooking, gardening, skiing, climbing, doing yoga, camping, reading, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors.