Meet The Team


Starting as a personal chef in San Luis Obispo, CA, I learned the art of crafting garden fresh meals through the farm share boxes my clients provided when I arrived in their kitchens. Moving to Colorado, I started Bella Cuisine again in the Denver Metro area for another four years, before having my first child and switching my business to Lilly’s Table Online Seasonal Meal Planning Service. My hope was to teach more people how to create meals seasonally through nature’s abundance. Soon after founding Lilly’s Table, my young family moved to Tucson, AZ where I led the first two years of Tucson Food Day, including a city wide progressive dinner, classes, celebrations, and collaborations. Returning to the Denver Metro area, we built up our own small urban farm and my family spent an entire year only eating local food. It was an incredible experience that my children still talk about today.  

In 2018, I became a Denver Urban Garden Master Community Gardener and also started teaching Garden to Kid’s Table classes at my children’s school. Later that year, I joined the Youth Education program at Slow Food Denver as one of the first Lil’ Sprouts and Seed to Plate instructors. 

My journey into politics started with my passion for local food when I attended my city’s council meetings about regulating urban farm animals, such as our small flock of chickens. Then I worked with my city of Edgewater to bring local food from backyard gardeners to our farmers market. In 2019, I became the chair of the Edgewater Sustainability Committee and led the effort to write the city’s Sustainability Plan that called for a permanent board, municipal composting program, solar panels on our civic center, the creation of a leaf & mulch program, and much more. In November 2021, I ran for City Council, won, and immediately took on the role of Sustainability Board Liaison.  

My passion for food is intertwined with sustainability as I believe we, as humans, are an integral part of our food ecosystem. I want to celebrate, garden, savor, and cherish all this earth has to offer in a way that is meaningful, inspiring, and regenerative with a generous dash of playfulness and joy!