Cultivate Community with Slow Food Denver in 2016

Help Launch the Slow Food Denver Book Club

We are launching a book club! A great way to discuss food topics of interest – from key food issues, food traditions, novels where food plays a key role, etc. – and a wonderful way to meet others who have similar interests. Help us create the initial reading list, define locations and schedule meetings.

Kick-off Meeting: November 17th – 6:30pm – The Source, 3350 Brighton Blvd Suite 202

General commitment: One or two planning meetings a year, help with promotion and communication, potential partnerships with local bookstores, attending as many book club meetings as possible – your great ideas to shape this new project!

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Host a Slow Food Denver Dine-Around

We are launching a series of small dinners, hosted in homes throughout Denver, with the intention of coming together around the table to share food and good conversation. We are lucky to partner with Amy Quinn, the founder of Supper Ventures, to provide us with a format and ideas for hosting. Let us know if you are interested in joining the organizing committee and hosting a dinner. Our kick-off meeting in December will be a hosted dinner facilitated by Amy Quinn of Supper Ventures!
General commitment: Kickoff dinner, one or two planning meetings, plus willingness to host one dinner at your home or other selected location. We are looking for hosts throughout the city as to cultivate the Slow Food community in diverse neighborhoods. Please include your neighborhood in your sign up email.

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Curate our Denver/Boulder Slow Food City Guide

Slow Food Editore in Italy launched the Slow Food Planet App this year, and Denver was the second U.S. city to be released. Thanks to a hard-working Slow Food Planet – Denver/Boulder committee, we released a soft-launch in conjunction with Slow Meat in June of this year. The Slow Food Planet App is a local city guide curated by our Slow Food community and available for anyone to download. We have a committee to research and keep the Denver/Boulder guide updated. We meet monthly at a local food business in the Denver or Boulder area to catch up on what’s new in the world of restaurants, cafes, bars, and markets that support the Slow Food values of Good, Clean and Fair.

Are you passionate about local food systems?
Do you love keeping up on the latest in the Denver food scene and supporting local businesses?

We are looking for people to join this committee to help keep our city guide up-to-date. Think of this as a guide you would provide to a friend who was coming to visit. We are not food critics dishing out restaurant reviews, but community members providing recommendations of places to eat, shop and hang-out that represent Slow Food values in the Denver and Boulder communities. Sound like something you would like to help maintain and promote? Sign up below and you will be included in the committee mailing list.

General commitment: monthly meetings, a couple of hours of research between meetings and a true interest in the topic.

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Support Micro Grants for our Local Food Community with our Slow Food Denver C.A.F.E. Program

Slow Food Denver C.A.F.E. was launched in 2011, in partnership with Grow Local Colorado, as a microgrant project to support innovative and sustainable food initiatives in Metro Denver.

We host a series of dinners at which grant finalists present their projects to community members, whose votes will determine the level of grant funding for each finalist. Winners receive microgrants of up to $3000 to support their work, and be connected with a network of future supporters.  We welcome applications from local, sustainable food projects that help provide healthy food access to communities in need and/or other forms of good, clean, and fair food support for such communities.
Would you like help strengthen our Denver food community? Join the C.A.F.E. committee to help plan the future of this program, manage the application process, and organize the dinners!

Kick-off Meeting: January 2016 
General commitment:  Varies based upon your role, could include some or all: Approximately 3 planning and application review meetings, help with communications and promotion, organizing and attending one or two dinners, and follow-up/administration

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Expand Slow Food Denver’s Preserve the Harvest Program

Slow Food Denver has offered classes, workshops and tours to educate the community on preserving local seasonal food since 2012.  Each year we create educational content and programming to engage, excite and empower participants. No two seasons are ever quite the same. Traditionally we have focused on the mid-summer through early fall produce, but are interested in expanding into year-round programming including cured meats and cheeses as well as fermented beverages.

Kick-off Meeting: January 2016
General commitment: Approximately 6 meetings a year, and some program creation between meetings.


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