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Krista Roberts, the Executive Director of Slow Food Denver, is taking the Eat Local Challenge!
Here’s what she said about her family’s approach:

Why are you taking the Eat Local Challenge?

I am taking the Eat Local Challenge as a fun way to get my family to think about where our food comes from, the story behind the people who grow it and why that matters. It is also a way for me to support Slow Food and their programming in the Denver community – like school gardens, preserving classes, local food grants and Youth Farmers Markets. I believe that individuals can have an impact by making small changes – including how we choose to eat. I’m voting with my fork in support of local food this September!


How did you decide to approach the challenge?

My husband and I have two boys who are 4 and 6, and we have decided to define our Eat Local Challenge in a way that will be fun and educational for our family. We are committing to eat the majority of dairy, produce and meat from local sources during the month of September. We will change our food habits to focus mainly on those items, but we’ll still include olive oil, coffee, tea and other non-local items. When we eat meals at friends homes, restaurants or at school, we’ll enjoy what is served. We are excited about our food adventure and becoming more thoughtful eaters.


What are you looking forward to most about taking the Eat Local Challenge?

I look forward to shopping at farmers markets and thinking of new ways to prepare Colorado’s amazing produce, and using more vegetables as the focus of our meals. This time of year is the best to celebrate Colorado’s harvest.

I hope that you will join me in taking the Eat Local Challenge!


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