Announcing the Snail Trail!

Slow Food Denver is excited to announce the launch of the Snail Trail. It is a dining passport that will take you on an eating adventure with coupons from a dozen of Denver’s restaurants & food organizations that are aligned with our Chapter’s efforts for good, clean, and fair food for all. The collection of participants have each been awarded a Snail of Approval for the intentional work they do to improve the sustainability of our food system. 

The Snail of Approval is an award that Slow Food Denver gives to food organizations, restaurants, farms, and food producers. They are awarded after an application, interview, and review by the Slow Food Denver board. To become a Snail of Approval recipient, organizations apply through Slow Food USA with questions based on six different categories, including sourcing, environmental impact, business values, staff support, cultural impact, and community connection. 

When you purchase a Snail Trail, the cost can cover one child being able to attend one of our cooking classes. Therefore, not only will you enjoy coupons from our awardees, but you will help fund our Chapter’s work and efforts. 

If you complete the Snail Trail by receiving a red snail stamp at every location, reach back out to us at by September 30, 2024 and you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to any of our Snail of Approval restaurants, including the ones not yet in our passport.

With the Snail Trail you will receive coupons to a dozen of our Snail awardees, including:

Apple Blossom
The Feedery
The Green Collective
Haykin Family Cider
Ruby’s Market
Somebody People
Sullivan Scrap Kitchen

While you may enjoy the passport for yourself, the Snail Trail makes great stocking stuffers, teachers’ gifts, and for anyone looking for a dining adventure! 

For more information about the Snail of Approval or to purchase the Snail Trail head to each link.


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