2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Slow Foodie

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By Fen Fenton, Communications Intern, Slow Food Denver

We know cooks and foodies can be tough to choose gifts for; there’s only so many rubber spatulas one can have! We’re going to help you find the perfect holiday surprise for them this year, whether you’re looking to spend $ or $$$. Here are some ideas to get you started (with some links attached if need be):


For the Food Nerd:

There’s nothing like burrowing into a fresh read for some kitchen inspiration. Here are a few suggestions:

Waste Not by The James Beard Foundation $35-40

Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden $35

Dispatches from the Sweet Life by William Powers $16.95

Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants by Christopher Nyerges $20

Forgotten Agricultural Heritage: Reconnecting Food Systems and Sustainable Development by Miguel Altieri and Parviz Koohafkan $48.76

Better Beekeeping by Kim Flottum $24.99

Hippie Food by Jonathon Kauffman $11.59 paperback

High Altitude Baking by Colorado State University Extension Office $16.95

At Mesa’s Edge: Cooking and Ranching in Colorado’s North Fork Valley” by Eugenia Bone $18.24

Colorado Classique by Junior League of Denver $29.95

Crème de Colorado Denver by Junior League of Denver $24.95


For the Locavore 

Colorado has an abundance of local treasures to choose from—not to mention that you’re supporting local producers and organizations, which are a major part of painting Colorado’s food culture.

Colorado beer, cider, or spirits (optional: with bottle opener)

Handmade serving boards 

Colorado honey with some unique honey recipes written out $12

A Jar of Pueblo green Chile $19.97 for 2 jars

Colorado popcorn-Kettlehead/Boulder Popcorn (price depends on if you want kernels or popcorn already made)

Charcuterie: Front range Bison sausages or cheese from Haystack/The Truffle Cheese Shop

Gift card to a local restaurant that serves Colorado grown food or drinks

Slow Food Membership 


For the Gadgets and Gizmo Lover

If you must get a gadget or gizmo, make it one that will be long-lasting and practical.

Dutch oven $99.95 for a 4 qt

Mortar and pestle $31.49

Wooden Spoon from a local shop


For the Eco Minded Cook

Creating a sustainable kitchen has become a necessity to many foodies. Check out these great snags:

Bamboo utensils for on-the-go

Beeswax wraps $18 for a 3-pack

Reusable grocery bags (they can be filled with local treats as well) $3.25-$5

Kitchen Plants

Compost Bin $20-$65

Cloth napkins or reusable kitchen towels collected from a thrift store 

Looseleaf teas with a tea ball, tea steeper, or locally made mug


For the DIY Kind of Cook

Handmade gifts are the perfect option for Slow Foodies who understand and value the stories behind their food sources. Not to mention that these gifts can be personalized AND affordable!

A recipe journal (you can fill in the first recipe as well)

Build a Spice rack

Make your own granola

Pickling Kit (make one out of a jar and pantry spices or buy one here)

Homemade jam or apple butter

Make your own Mulling Spices

Build an herb box


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