Gigia Speaks about Slow Food in the Garden at the American Horticultural Society Conference



As if The Denver Botanic Garden is not beautiful enough on its own, pair it with a group of people from around the US devoted to the cultivation of youth gardening programs and you’ve got absolute splendor. This past weekend The Denver Botanic Gardens hosted the National Children and Youth Garden Symposium which is a premier annual gathering showcasing the latest trends, practices, programs and educators that engage children in the garden.

One keynote speaker introduced the idea cleverly as “giving children a dose of vitamin “G” (green).” The speaker then outlined the latest research that has investigated the effect of this “vitamin” on both schools and communities. Predictably, gardens trees and vegetables have been objectively found to increase concentration, decrease stress and foster better coping mechanisms for life’s challenges.

While there were over 50 educational sessions and workshops that expanded upon this idea, our own Gigia Kolouch hosted a workshop that provided some invaluable insight into how Slow Food plays a role in the garden. After providing a progressive tasting of tomatoes and a detailed description of why sensory awareness is crucial for intuition and culinary success. Gigia outlined how this awareness can be practically implemented within the community. Needless to say, participants acknowledged gratefully how inspirational and informative the session was for their own benefit and their respective garden education programs. Thank you Gigia!