Slow Meat 2014

Better meat, less.

That is the idea behind Slow Food USA’s inaugural Slow Meat Symposium, scheduled for June 20th – 22nd, 2014 in Denver, CO, in an effort to “turn the herd” toward a better animal agricultural food supply chain. Slow Meat will bring together policy experts, food system practitioners, producers, and of course eaters to identify practical points of intervention along the supply chain that will result in a menu of action items for the meat industry in America.

One hundred delegates from across the U.S. have been selected to participate in facilitated discussion to produce a menu of practical actions for Slow Food communities across the USA to deploy, measure, report and refine with the larger national community of advocates who seek change in our food system.

Slow Meat 2014 is only the beginning to Slow Food USA’s commitment to the goals of better and less meat.  We will reconvene the following year in 2015 for a grander, public-facing celebration and conversation of meat.



Volunteer for Slow Meat.
Slow Food Denver, as the host of Slow Meat 2014, is tasked with bringing the community together to help make sure this event is a success.  In order to do so, we will need the help of people just like you.

Volunteers will be needed for all aspects of, and leading up to, the event with tasks that range from preparing materials for delegates to helping to prep for the bison fabrication.

If you are interested in donating some time to this symposium, please email to be added to the volunteer list for the event.  Additional details about needed tasks and schedules will be provided in the next couple weeks.