Food: Our Global Kitchen at History Colorado

our-global-kitchen-food-nature-culture_homepage_slideStep into the story with a visit to the new exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen, and take a journey around the world and through time. Stroll through an ancient market, cook a virtual meal, peek inside the dining rooms of illustrious individuals—and consider some of the most challenging issues of our time.

Food: Our Global Kitchen explores the complex and intricate food system that brings what we eat from farm to fork. In sections devoted to growing, transporting, cooking, eating, tasting and celebrating, the exhibit illuminates the myriad ways food is produced and moved throughout the world.

Information about the exhibit can be found on the History Colorado website.

Slow Food Denver is partnering with History Colorado to conduct tasting sessions in the Taste Kitchen throughout the summer along weekly themes.  We are still looking for volunteers to assist with these tasting sessions – you can sign up here if you are interested.

In addition, we will be hosting a farm tour to a centennial farm in August.  More details on that coming soon!