Have an Innovative Sustainable Food Idea? Apply For a Microgrant!

Last summer, Slow Food Denver awarded six $1000 microgrants to small, entrepreneurial businesses who are making things happen in our local food community. We’re pleased to announce that the second round of our C.A.F.E. microgrant program is open for applications.

We encourage Metro Denver individuals, small businesses, and/or non-profits with innovative ideas in the realm of sustainable food to apply. We’re especially looking for projects that encompass:

  • Children and Food: Projects that seek to increase the number of children who have access to real food in schools, learn where food comes from, and have experience growing, cooking, and sharing it
  • Healthy Food Access: Projects that seek to increase access to affordable, real food in low-income communities
  • Regional Biodiversity: Projects that seek to increase, protect, and promote biodiverse food and farming traditions that are an alternative to the industrial food system.

Applications are due by May 4, 2012 and instructions are in the form. Download the application and instructions here. Visit the C.A.F.E. page under the Community Table link above for more details.