2012 Microgrant Recipients

Denver Urban Truck Farm 

The Denver Urban Truck Farm teaches both children and adults about the origins and production of food while highlighting the  importance of healthy, local produce. We also show the public  how easy it is to grow fresh food in a relatively small space.

Denver Yard Harvest 

Our mission is to bring fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste to people who might otherwise go without it, building community and learning more about the importance of healthy food and reducing waste.

Each fall, folks contact us when the trees, vines, etc. in their yards are ripe with apples, grapes, cherries, and other fresh produce. Our volunteers harvest the food, leave a portion with the homeowners, and deliver the rest to daycare centers, homes for the elderly, community kitchens, and other charities that serve people around Denver who are at risk of going without fresh, healthy food.

 Rose Roots Community Garden

Rose Roots Community Garden is a diverse group of people joining the revolution to end rootlessness.  We are building a community that doesn’t require you to “like”, get “linked-in” or glow in the dark.  In a quintessential grassroots effort, we’ve worked with the City of Arvada, Denver Urban Gardens and Star Acre Farms to build an 8-acre public park, created and designed, specifically for growing food.

 We are in our first season with over 80 households gardening in 64 plots and 8 raised beds and we are committed to sustainability, education and community outreach.  Come see how our gardens grow!


MycoSophia’s mushroom farm seeks to produce optimum food and medicine for as many people as possible; educate people to grow their own mushrooms and be a better steward of the earth via partnering with mushrooms; and to produce mushroom spawn in quantity which can be used to clean up toxic environmental hazards including petrochemical spills and bacteria ridden waterways. The entire project utilizes approximately 90% recycled, repurposed, or reused materials in order to lessen the environmental impact and increase the production of mushrooms, and eventually seeks to be a seed project which can be spread around to desiring impoverished areas for food production and environmental conservation.


Atriplex.org is an open-source website that helps facilitate the research and design of permaculture landscapes in Colorado. Centered around a user-editable database of little-known plants appropriate for Colorado’s ecology, Atriplex is designed to help users learn more about permaculture design and how to incorporate it into their landscapes.

 Hampden Academy 

Hampden Academy is Aurora Mental Health Center’s adolescent day treatment program and serves students aged 13-18 with severe mental illness and special needs from Aurora and Cherry Creek Public Schools. Hampden Academy’s garden program, now in its second year, provides students hands-on experience nurturing a garden. It teaches patients, nutrition, teamwork, responsibility and is a therapeutic tool used individually and with students’ families.

Denver Food Rescue

Denver Food Rescue is a project of a non-profit, Boulder Food Rescue, that works to resolve the dual issues of food waste and malnutrition. We pick up produce that would otherwise be thrown away at grocery stores and restaurants, and transport it by bike to agencies that serve hungry, homeless, and at risk communities. Between Denver and Boulder we have rescued 170,000 pounds of food and built a network of over 100 volunteers in the past year. Our current focus is to build the capacity of Denver Food Rescue to help reduce food waste while improving access to nutrition in shelters and low income housing communities in Denver.

Sprout City Farms

The Denver Green School Community Farm is Sprout City Farms’ flagship project.  We operate and maintain an organic, one-acre farm on Denver Green School grounds.  Denver Green School is an “Innovation School” within Denver Public Schools focused on teaching the principles of sustainability.  Sprout City Farms manages and teaches food sustainability to the students and staff at Denver Green School through three innovative programs: Farm to Cafeteria, Farm to Classroom and Farm to Community.

The St. Thomas Community Garden

The St. Thomas Community Garden puts a rich variety of fresh, locally grown produce in the hands of those who would not otherwise be able to afford it, usually on the same day it is picked. Neighbors and other volunteers tend the community garden, and we partner with Metro CareRing’s food bank for daily distribution. The project has worked so well, other neighbors have started expanding the concept, using their own properties.